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Olsen & Smith XTREME Gaming Chair New and Improved 2024 Model Ergonomic Office Desk PC Computer Recliner Swivel Chair Detachable Padded Head Rest Lumbar Support Cushion & Footrest - Black/White 66 reviews
ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH LUMBAR SUPPORT: The chair is designed to provide excellent support for your back; maintaining an S shape while sitting up straight with the lumbar support cushion to reduce stress on the neck and spine. SIT BACK &...
£149.99 £95.99
XTREME Engage Premium Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers & RGB LED Lights, Detachable Padded Headrest, Lumbar Support Cushion & Footrest, Black 2 reviews
IMMERSIVE RGB LIGHTING & EFFECTS: The chair features RGB LED lighting around the edge to add that real wow-factor to your gaming setup. With 6 different colours available, the lights can be set to static or multicolour modes, with many different...
£219.99 from £149.99
Sold Out
Olsen & Smith Executive Office Desk Chair Swivel PC Computer Office Desk Chairs with Arms and Back Support for Home & Office & Gaming Chair Use for Adults - Black 17 reviews
HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE: The chair is height-adjustable using the gas lift to your preferred sitting height; enabling you to sit with your feet flat and reduce slouching. It can also provide a slight recline of up to 35 degrees, allowing you to...
£89.99 from £82.49
Sold Out
XTREME Gaming Desk and Gaming Chair Bundle, 100 cm Premium Carbon Fibre Effect Gaming Desk + Ergonomic Gaming Desk Chair - Black/White 7 reviews
Elevate your gaming experience with our ultimate gaming bundle! Our immersive gaming chair is designed for unparalleled comfort and support. Featuring RGB lighting, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and adjustable components, it's your gateway to gaming nirvana. Relax with the chair's reclining...
£249.99 £239.99
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