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Starting from a humble retail shop in 1969 in Smethwick, West Midlands, USB has now become a truly international business. Packed Direct (A USB International Company) is led by Udy Agarwal, Udy's parents created a bustling retail business specialising in a wide variety of products to suit their customer base. Udy joined the family business in 1990, and after marrying his wife Mala, in 1995, helped expand the retail business further and went onto wholesaling and importing of textiles and travel goods; supplying differing sectors such as cruise liners, hotels, independent shops and multiple retailers.


We own a wide range of brands across multiple categories, including Aerolite, 5 Cities, Frenzy, Hoppa, Marketeer, Cabin 1, Xtreme, Baby Joy, Olsen & Smith, Sport24 and Aqua Spirit.
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