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Olsen & Smith XTREME Gaming Chair New and Improved 2024 Model Ergonomic Office Desk PC Computer Recliner Swivel Chair Detachable Padded Head Rest Lumbar Support Cushion & Footrest - Black/White 66 reviews
ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH LUMBAR SUPPORT: The chair is designed to provide excellent support for your back; maintaining an S shape while sitting up straight with the lumbar support cushion to reduce stress on the neck and spine. SIT BACK &...
£149.99 £95.99
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Olsen & Smith Executive Office Desk Chair Swivel PC Computer Office Desk Chairs with Arms and Back Support for Home & Office & Gaming Chair Use for Adults - Black 17 reviews
HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE: The chair is height-adjustable using the gas lift to your preferred sitting height; enabling you to sit with your feet flat and reduce slouching. It can also provide a slight recline of up to 35 degrees, allowing you to...
£89.99 from £82.49
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Olsen & Smith Ergonomic Mesh Office Desk Operator Chair Swivel PC Computer Office Chairs with Arms and Back Support for Home & Office Use for Adults Black 12 reviews
ERGONOMIC SHAPE: The chair features a curved back to match the natural curve of your spine. This enables to you sit up straight in the chair without slouching while providing support to your lower back preventing pain from poor sitting...
£99.99 from £58.49
XTREME Engage Premium Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers & RGB LED Lights, Detachable Padded Headrest, Lumbar Support Cushion & Footrest, Black 2 reviews
IMMERSIVE RGB LIGHTING & EFFECTS: The chair features RGB LED lighting around the edge to add that real wow-factor to your gaming setup. With 6 different colours available, the lights can be set to static or multicolour modes, with many different...
£219.99 from £149.99
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XTREME Gaming Desk and Gaming Chair Bundle, 100 cm Premium Carbon Fibre Effect Gaming Desk + Ergonomic Gaming Desk Chair - Black/White 7 reviews
Elevate your gaming experience with our ultimate gaming bundle! Our immersive gaming chair is designed for unparalleled comfort and support. Featuring RGB lighting, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and adjustable components, it's your gateway to gaming nirvana. Relax with the chair's reclining...
£249.99 £239.99
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